Frihamnen with a bird perspective

The Swedish Nest is working with the theme of territory/space and the negotiation of land use between birds and humans, with a focus on the city in Göteborg/Frihamnen and on the rural/coastal perspective in Koster islands and in Gärsnäs, Skåne. In May 2021 the Nest activities in Göteborg started out with the first in a series of walks with invited guests in Frihamnen. The starting point for the walks is to explore the ongoing negotiation of space between urban dwellers like birds and humans. How can we have conversations about and with birds about their needs in the city and how can an acceptance be created among citizens decision-makers to develop human habitats that also benefits other species? 

During the first walk stories of the Common Eiders, Seagulls, and Black redstarts, guided the participants in the former industrial harbour area Frihamnen. Artist Ulrika Jansson, created the framework for the walk, and the physical graphic dialogue format B.I.R.D.S – Bird Information Reflection Dialogue Space Toolkit by designer Chris Matt engaged the participants in sensorial experiences raising awareness of the birds on the site. Janne Uddén, ecologist Bohusläns museum, Uddevalla, shared in-depth knowledge about the chosen birds in the area, and landscape architect Martin Allik (Mareld Landskapsarkitekter) gave the background story of the new park planned for hosting biodiversity. The participants were also introduced to a piece of furniture for pigeons, part of a project about defensive and inclusive design by designer Ludvig Borén. Annika Lindberg, architect showed her project “Villa Bråte – a meeting place between species designed through the black red start”, which is a proposal for a physical building for Frihamnen where birds and people can meet. After each stop in the walk Thomas Laurien artist, shared some linked discussion concepts/quotes by Haraway, Tsing, and Plumwood in the form of collectable cards. 

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