Nests are curated site-specific platforms for artists, scientists and local partners to explore topics relating to birds and habitats in Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Russia. In dialogue with ornithologists we have identified four overarching concerns causing challenges for many bird species in our regions:

  • Industrial practices in forestry, fishing and agriculture
  • Increase of monoculture farmland
  • Hunting practices
  • Impact of climate change

With these concerns in mind we have chosen the different Nest sites and also identified five main themes that will be artistically explored in the Nests:

  • Territory/space
  • Migration/border crossing
  • Interspecies collaboration between humans and birds
  • Birds in language and literature
  • Attitudes, values and prejudice towards different bird species

The work created in the ​Nests​ will be shown as a series of events, exhibitions and other activities in the participating countries from 2022 onwards.