The Conference of the Birds

The Conference of the Birds (CoB) is a transdisciplinary, polyphonic and socially engaged art
project with collaborations and dialogue between artists, scientists and humanities scholars and
local residents reflecting on the different bird cultures and bird-human relations in the Nordic
countries and Russia. Commencing with a series of site-specific collaborations between artists
and bird-researchers, so called Nests , the process and results of these collaborations will,
together with other curated artworks, become a series of events with an outreach program and
exhibitions in the participating countries.

We are on a mission to give space and attention to the remaining birds!

Birds – symbols of freedom, full of beauty and magic – are present in every aspect of our culture. We have coevolved with birds. Human speech and birdsong share specific developmental and structural features. Some studies even suggest that human language might have evolved from birdsong. Birds are part of our identity and the diversity of birds, by the nature of their existence, keeps our ecosystems healthy and thriving. Sadly we are currently witnessing alarming declines of bird populations and expecting species extinctions due to climate change and other human inflicted environmental problems .

In this project we are on a mission to give space and attention to the remaining birds and, through artistic voices and interpretations, listen carefully to what they have to tell us about the problems and possible solutions for the coexistence between birds and humans in the future. Migrating birds show us that the problems are beyond borders, disciplines and species and so are the solutions.

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Eva Bakkeslett


Eva Bakkeslett is an artist, curator and cultural activist. Her socially engaged practice is rooted in more-than-human and transformative processes. Eva lives on Engeløya in North Norway.

Ulrika Jansson


Ulrika Jansson (S) is anartist, educator and curator based in Göteborg.

Ulla Taipale


Ulla Taipale (F) curator and researcher. She is affiliated to INAR /University of Helsinki.,

Oleg Koefoed

Researcher / Co-Curator

Oleg Koefoed (D) is a philosopher devoted to opening up the art of philosophy to the interwoven complexity of the world.