Koster island walk

In June 2021 the project in Koster started out with a meeting and a walk looking at the islands with a bird perspective together with people from the community. The artist group Gylleboverket – Etta Säfve and Jona Elfdahl, will create an artwork in relation to Koster islands and the purpose of the walk was to give the artists a chance to learn more about the birds’ situation on Koster, historically, today and how their situation could be improved in the future. 

We started out at the permaculture farm and restaurant Kosters Trädgårdar and Kosters Sculpture garden with an introduction of the project and the artists. Then Janne Uddén and the Koster inhabitants ornithologist Peter Lindberg, marine biologist Lars-Ove Loo and permaculturist Helena von Bothmer shared their knowledge of the bird life in the islands. Ulrika Jansson, artist, created the framework for the walk together with Bisse Hultin from Kosters Sculpture garden. The next step in the project in Koster is an artist residence period for the artist group Gylleboverket in Koster in August 2021 where they will start working on an artwork for The Conference of the Birds. 

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