T​he Winged Words Workshop

The Winged Words Workshop Nest will dive into the historical context of Finnish nature writing and the current context of environmental change. An example of the influence that literary works have had on bird culture in Finland is the veterinarian and writer  Yrjö Kokko. Through his famous book ”Laulujoutsen/The singing swan” Kokko is widely credited with having saved the Whooper swan population in Finland from extinction and now thriving as the national symbol. In this Nest invited writers will explore Finnish environmental and literary history, changes in Scandinavian bird populations and their habitats, as well as global environmental problems and mass extinctions. The texts produced in the Nest will be published in The Conference of the Birds Anthology and be part of the final exhibition together with a workshop for the public, based on the same theme. 

The place and form of this Nest is still taking shape and will be formulated during 2022. 

The Winged Words Workshop Nest is curated and organized by Karoliina Lumma, Katri Aholainen and Ulla Taipale.

Whooper swan at Hanko Bird observatory. Photo: Eva Bakkeslett

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