Rauma colony of the Great Cormorants – mad cacophony of an industrial seascape

rauma colony_jan eerala

A new nesting settlement of Finnish Great Cormorants is found in front of the Port of Rauma since 2019, in two islands Iso- and Vähä-Järviluoto, surrounded of industries of all kinds. 

The picturesque ubication of the nesting area offers the seabirds nothing but idyllic lifehood – the sound recordings of Jan Eerala reveal the mad cacophony where the newborn cormorants are living in resonance with cargo handling, heavy metal industry and fishing boats. Another numerous colony is located  circa 13 kilometres away, next to Olkiluoto nuclear power plant.

Listen to the soundscape and watch the imagery here: http://www.rupuranta.net/weblog/filet/200630/

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