T​he Winged Words Workshop.

The historical context of Finnish nature writing and the current context of environmental change. The workshop begins with a two-day seminar with scientists (PhD Jussi T. Eronen, PhD Tero T. Toivanen) arts curators and scholars (Ulla Taipale, Lummaa) and the invited writers discussing Finnish environmental and literary history, changes in Scandinavian bird populations and their habitats, as well as global environmental problems and mass extinctions. The seminar/workshop will take place in Hanko Bird station in September 2022 The texts written during this residency will be published during 2021 in Finnish (probable publication: Poesiavihkot) and in English during 2023 in ​The Conference of the Birds Anthology​. The texts will be made presentable for the exhibition together with a workshop for the audience based on the same theme.

The Winged Words Workshop Nest ​is curated by Ulla Taipale and Karoliina Lumma.

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