Nests are curated site-specific platforms for artists, scientists and local partners to explore topics relating to birds and habitats in Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Russia. The ​​Nests​​ are linked thematically and connected to overarching concerns for the birds in our regions. Through the themes, the work in the ​​Nests​​ will inquire into ecology, science, politics, myths, and human relations with birds belonging to each ​​Nest​​ location.

  • Territory/space
  • Migration/border crossing
  • Interspecies collaboration between humans and birds
  • Birds in language and literature
  • Attitudes, values and prejudice towards different bird species

Our dialogue with ornithologists helped to identify four overarching concerns causing challenges for many bird species:

  • Industrial practices in forestry, fishing and agriculture
  • Increase of monoculture farmland
  • Hunting practices
  • Impact of climate change

The work created in the ​Nests​ will be shown as a series of events, exhibitions and other activities in the participating countries from 2022 onwards.