Books that inspire us

  • Becoming Animal. An Earthly Cosmology. Abram, David 2011. New York : Vintage Books.
  • The Genius of Birds. Ackerman, Jennifer, 2017. London : Penguin Press.
  • The Conference of the Birds. Attar, Farid Al-Din, (1177) 2017. W. W. Norton & Co.
  • Birds and People. With specialist research by and the support of Jonathan Elphick and John Fanshawe. Cocker, Mark & Tipling, David 2013. London: Jonathan Cape.
  • Kui trittitii! Finnish Avian Poetics. Lummaa, Karoliina 2017. Helsinki : Finnish Academy of Science and Letters.
  • Birds in Our Imagination and Experience. Mynott, Jeremy 2009. Birdscapes. Princeton & Oxford : Princeton University Press.
  • Gentle Action: Bringing Creative Change to a Turbulent World. Peat, F. David 2008. Pari : Pari Publishing.
  • Why Birds Sing. A Journey through the Mystery of Bird Song. Rothenberg, David 2005. New York : Basic Books.

Films that inspire us

  • Caring for eiderducks on Burøya in Steigen. A short documentary from 1974.
  • The beautiful documentary «Summer on Røst», made by the zoologist Per Høst in 1950.
  • In 1968, the Norwegian filmmaker Albert W. Owesen made THIS documentary about Tschanz’s guillemot project. The film is titled “Lomvi på Røst”. Using various experiments, the Swiss ornithologist was able to establish that the guillemot recognises its egg. Both because of the egg’s color and pattern in the drawings, and not least because of the sound of the baby inside the egg. While the child in turn recognises the parents’ cries.