Eva Bakkeslett (NO)


Eva Bakkeslett is an artist, filmmaker and curator exploring the potential for social change through aesthetic perspectives and gentle actions.
Her socially engaged practice often combines film, participatory events and workshops.

She creates spaces and experiences that challenge our thinking and unravel new narratives, that brings our attention to the patterns that connect us to the earth as a living organism. Eva shows, lectures and performs her work worldwide and her films have been screened in numerous film festivals and art events. In 2009 her film Alchemy w as shown at MoMA, New York. She co-curated the interdisciplinary event Gentle Actions a t Kunstnernes Hus in Oslo in 2010 and recently co-curated the program Repair for ROM for Art of Architecture in Oslo. Eva has an MA in Art & Ecology from Dartington College of Art in England. She lives on Engeløya in North Norway where she now has created an Artist Residency program and studio to make a platform for aesthetic collaborations and enquiry founded in ecological and interconnected thinking and working.

Ulrika Jansson (SE)


Ulrika Jansson is a Swedish artist, educator and curator based in Göteborg. In her site-specific practice she inquires how we, by engaging with stories, history, values, materials and ecology at specific locations, can gain an insight into interconnections between other creatures, people, places and times.

Her public art works often engage with and accommodate birds, bats and solitary bees. She engages in and initiates interdisciplinary collaborative art projects exploring socio-ecological relationships, such as in Cultural Adaptations, a Creative Europe project led by Creative Carbon Scotland 2019-2021. She has taught and lectured at institutions including Konstfack, Uniarts Helsinki Academy of Fine Arts and Stockholm Culture Council.

Ulla Taipale (Fi)


Ulla Taipale is Finnish curator and researcher who works internationally. She is specially interested in enhancing cultural and ecological biodiversity through art & science interventions, and in building bridges between art and science communities, facilitating dialogue between artists, creators, scientists, and the general public.

She has often collaborated with biological research stations and botanic gardens. Her two ongoing artistic research projects are related to urban honeybees and to forest and atmospheric sciences. She has a BSc in Environmental Engineering and an MA in Visual Cultures, Curating and Contemporary Art from Aalto University, Finland. She is art&science curator at INAR / University of Helsinki at Climate Whirl art program.

Oleg Koefoed (D)

Researcher / Co-Curator

Oleg Koefoed (D) is a philosopher devoted to opening up the art of philosophy to the interwoven complexity of the world. The concept of Action-Philosophy is one of the cores of the agency Growing Pathways (that Koefoed founded with Kajsa Paludan in 2016).

This “nature relations agency” uses methods combining artistic approaches, philosophy and cultural mapping, with digital participation and network building. Through these tools, the agency assists partners and clients in intertwining strategy with biodiversity, spatial and ecology support actions. ( Koefoed is also engaged in research and writing, through action-research partnerships and through Copenhagen Business School.


Andrea Fjordside Pontoppidan (D)

Laboratory for Aesthetics and Ecology

Andrea holds an MA in Comparative Literature. She works with the intersections between poetry and fiction, critical theory and practices and politics around small scale, regenerative farming, exploring ways of understanding the relationships and entanglements between the human and the more-than-human.

She is engaged in different communities that try to work with the soil the plants and is generally interested in the work and affects around food production and farming in a time of multispecies suffering and devastation and exploitation of land. In the Laboratory for Aesthetics and Ecology she mainly works with the publication platform. She is interested in how different forms of writing cross and gemmate.

Martin Allik

landscape architect

Martin Allik (S/EST) is an Estonian landscape architect based in Gothenburg, Sweden working at MARELD landscape architecture office. He work with creating ecologically sustainable landscapes firmly connected to the site.Birds have a special place in his work and have been focal for example in the design of Jubileumsparken in the heart of Gothenburg.

Martin’s professional experience ranges from designing and building of pocket parks and temporary public installations to participatory workshops, urban design and green-blue infrastructure planning. As a PhD student at Chalmers, Martin investigates how the profession can ensure that urban wilderness is not only a passing trend, but the habitats created today are resilient towards future change of various scale and type. Aspects of aesthetics, perception, ecology, economy and maintenance are studied through the prism of predictable and unpredictable change.


David Rothenberg (US)

professor of philosophy

David Rothenberg (US) is a professor of philosophy and music at the New Jersey Institute of Technology. He makes music live with the sounds of nature, records music with other species, and writes books and makes films about the process. His books and recordings in the field of interspecies music include Why Birds Sing on birds, Thousand Mile Song on whales, and Bug Music on insects. These works have been translated into many foreign languages and have been the subject of documentary films and radio programs in many countries, including Finland, Germany, France, Denmark, the UK and the United States.

Sergey Simonov (RU)


Sergey Simonov (RU) is an ornithologist, PhD of Laboratory for Zoology, Institute of Biology, Karelian Research Centre, Russian Academy of Sciences. During his 12 years of work experience, he has coordinated and successfully realised series of research projects supported by different organizations. Simonov uses traditional methods and actively implements the interdisciplinary approach in ornithology. He also collaborates with artists in art & science projects.

Maria Matantseva (RU)


Maria Matantseva (RU) is an ornithologist, PhD, working at the Institute of Biology, Karelian Research Centre, Russian Academy of Sciences. She has participated in many projects on bird behaviour, ecology, trends in numbers, and conservation.

Heli Aaltonen(FI/NO)


Heli Aaltonen is puppeteer, storyteller, drama/theatre pedagogue, and scholar in theatre and performance science. Associate Professor in Drama and Theatre in Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Trondheim. Her research interest is connected with green drama, environmental theatre projects, community-based performance and storytelling projects, where the focus is eco-social change. Her speciality is Finno-Ugrian mythology, fairy tales, Runo singing and multilingual storytelling. Heli comes from Turku in Finland.

Andris Fågelviskare(SE)


Self taught birdwhisperer who imitates 130+ bird species from all over the world. Andris is a bird and nature activist and continues his journey to teach about the importance of listening and acting mindfully as humans on this multi-species earth.Andris is a spokesperson for the birds and has performed his songs on numerous different media.


Karoliina Lummaa (FI)

postdoctoral researcher

Karoliina Lummaa (FI) is a postdoctoral researcher specialized in literary studies and environmental humanities. Currently, she is affiliated with the University of Turku and to the independent BIOS Research Unit. Lummaa’s publications include research articles and co-edited anthologies on ecocriticism and posthumanism. She is the author of two monographs focusing on Finnish bird poetry and bird cultures.

Aleksi Lehikoinen (FI)


Aleksi Lehikoinen (FI) is an Academy Research Fellow and curator at LUOMUS and adjunct professor (Ecology and evolutionary biology, University of Helsinki). He has led his own research group, the Helsinki Lab of Ornithology since 2013, and he has nine years of experience of independent scientific research. His research focuses on the effects of environmental changes, such as climate change and human land use changes, on species’ abundances and distributions. Lehikoinen has published 80 peer-reviewed articles in scientific journals (e.g. Science and Global Change Biology, h-index 20). At the moment he collaborates with University of Jyväskylä and Finnish Environmental Institute to investigate how climate change and intensive forestry will influence forest bird populations in Finland in the future.

Thomas Holm Carlsen (NO)

Ornithologist and researcher

Thomas Holm Carlsen (NO), Ornithologist and researcher at NIBIO, Norwegian Institute of Bioeconomy Research. He has undertaken extensive research on eider ducks in the North Norwegian coast and is our scientific advisor for the norwegian Nest in Hysværet.

Leif Lithander (SE)


Leif Lithander (SE) Ornithologist, PhD candidate at the department of biological and environmental sciences at University of Gothenburg, former nature conservation curator at Gothenburg Natural History Museum. Main research interests besides avian ecology is conservation biology and urban planning in a sustainability context .


  • Jan Eerala (FI) Artist, Nest Finland, Chorus sinensis
  • Lau Nau alias Laura Naukkarinen (FI) Artist, Nest Finland, Chorus sinensis
  • Vibeke Steinsholm (NO), Artist, Norwegian Nest
  • Rawdna Carita Eira (NO), Writer and playwrite, Norwegian Nest
  • Karoline Hjorth (NO), Artist, Norwegian Nest
  • Riitta Ikonen (FI), Artist, Norwegian Nest
  • Natalia Egorova (RU) , Artist, Russian Nest
  • Frank Ekeberg (NO), Artist, Russian Nest

Danish nest

  • Andrea Fjordside Pontoppidan (DK), Co-curator Danish Nest
  • Nana Francisca Schottländer, (DK), Co-curator Danish Nest
  • Alexandra Buhl (DK), Artist, Danish Nest
  • Maiken Bauer (DK), Artist, Danish Nest
  • Nikolaj Noel (DK) Scientist Ornothologist, Advisor Danish Nest

Swedish nests

  • Etta Säfve (Gylleboverket) Artist Swedish Nest
  • Jona Elfdahl (Gylleboverket) (SE), Artist Swedish Nest
  • Helena von Bothmer (SE), Permaculture advisor, Swedish Nest

Project assistants

  • Ione Maria Rojas (UK), Artist assistant